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Animated Stories

Motion Graphics to sound & speak
Projects 2019-2021

Motion Graphics is a relatively new passion for me. It is a powerful tool for storytelling and bringing messages to life. Movement is a language, rhythm, pace of actions and transitions depending on what and how you want to communicate. There are endless visual possibilities and it’s less about being literal to express a message.

Commitment explainer 


With facts and figures we compared Urgent.Agency’s 2019 and 2020 CO2 emissions to convey our environmental and social commitment.

In collaboration with my colleague Signe Jacobsen we did the conceptualizing, styleframes and animating. Osvald Landmark made the sound.

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A immigrations story


The assignment was to create an animation based on a personal story relating to the theme "Migration".
This video explores the experiences Patrick Marli had immigration from to Denmark. It can be difficult to move to a new country, and it takes time to feel at home.

The visual storytelling should be the heart of the script, and told in a personal, organic and imperfect way.

Synthesizer explainer


The task was to make an historical explainer with 3 fellow students, explaining how the synthesizer revolutionized the music industry. 
The synthesizer history is long and quite complex, so together we shortened the story and wrote a manuscript, spoken by Dylan McClosky. The visuals are inspired by the 90s tech style. 

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