Creative Code projects

Testing Processing, P5.js, JavaScript, Physical Computing & Wekinator. 
School projects 2018-2020 

I’m new in the coding world, but I see a lot of opportunities and new perspectives on solutions. I have a basic understanding for different programming languages, and a mindset for interactive solutions.

Here is a set of chosen projects where I tested languages such as Processing, P5.js, JavaScript, and experiments with machine learning in Wekinator and Physical Computing.

Clam Generator  


My first project using Processing. Simple testing using mouse interaction and key-pressed to create different kind of pattern. 

Interactive light installation

The assignment was to create an installation using physical computing. The installation should function on 2 meters Covide-19 distance. In collaborating with a partner the light experience changes from warm to cold.
Input: sensors detecting the body. Output: light intensity and color change.

Dynamic Poster for Poetry Festival 2021 


The assignment was to create a poster with Processing using poems as data for the visual outcome. It Iterates over the text one character at a time. The more characters, the more letters and graphic is outputted on the poster. 

Dynamic cover for Janelle 


The assignment was to use Processing and Wekinator to explore machine learning using sound. 
The visuals are inspired by Janelles Monáe outfits, and the Wekinator is trained to the soundtrack “Make Me Feel”.