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H. Lillevang

Visual identity & web design
Client: Heidi Lillevang
Made in 2023

In collaboration with Heidi, we developed the strategy, identity, and webdesign to unit her practice as an artist and the person behind. The resulting identity is consistent but not rigid, revolving around a warm and playful colour palette and an elegant and confident typeface to support the textural imagerys.


The website's portfolio page celebrates Heidi's dynamic approach, creative process and invite the user into her universe.

The webshop is relying on precision and essential information for her pottery for sale and request. To underpinned her diverse work, the core colors and thin lines carefully guide the user and embrace an uncluttered visual language.


Next, I will implement the web design in Webflow.


The logo embrace her bold character and gives the identity great weight. It is inspired by the basic material - a heavy chunk of clay. We used her initials H and L, to integrate Heidi Lillevang's name within the design to unite the brand and person behind it.



The colors are warm and dependable, and the green represents Heidi's brave approach. Besides, the green is an excellent contrast to the representative color grading.



The typography reflects the feminine and the solid, down-to-earth in her practice. Together the two font families are used playfully.



The imagery is essential for the identity. The images are always entirely close to each other and create graphic lines in a more organic universe. The identity allows Heidi's own image style to take its place